Call Jeanette I did not realize you had your own website and business going. Keep up the great work you're go very far with this. I might have to hire you to do some photos of the boys and Mike and me sometime.
Denise Sifuentes(non-registered)
I finally sat to look at some pis that youve taken over the years. Wow! You've got a great eye at picking great things out. Your skill is wonderful. Hope all is good. Come visit sometime. Thx for the memories. Take care & be safe. Denise Sifuentes
You did a great job capturing the Memorial Bike Run! Keep up the good work.
Anthony "T-Bone" Teran(non-registered)
What a great job you do my friend. You really made my Bros memorial bike run special and gave us a lot of good memories. What a special talent for finding the amazing out of the ordinary.
Maria Armendariz(non-registered)
You have a gift that sets you apart from the ordinary and coins you extraordinaire! Follow your dreams, listen to your heart, and never lose faith. It is then that it will all click together and transcend you where dreams do come true and happiness is knowing that you have met all the graces that God has given and placed before you along the way! Pieces!
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