Welcome to Pieces of Life Photography and Design, where every photo is a piece of someone's life.
You will find inspirational pieces, family pieces, life events and some simple pieces that touched me.
My goal is to create images that will motivate, surprise and inspire.


My Personal Vision


To realize my dreams in a way that motivates, surprises and inspires others.

It's taken a lifetime, but that time has come. I have been in the creative industry most of my life, with a small exception of 9 years. My heart had been pulling me back for a while, but I couldn't go back till I knew exactly how and what I was going to do. Many ideas crossed my mind, animation, design, publishing, photography, fine art, etc. It came to me one day driving in the mountains thinking about a project my Grandmother asked me to do. I will combine my photography with my art, adding a little bit of inspiration to the mix as well. Some of the images you will see are straight photography, some with photoshop effects, and other mixed media pieces, combining photography with watercolor or pen and ink.

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